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I can't use a forward slash in the username?

Our Simple FTP Services for FTP and sftp have a forward slash in the username designating the service ID and the username.

The problem

For example, you create a new service, the service ID is often automatically generated, but with our premium subscription you can choose a name.  Lets say the service ID is generated as hpt2b3ud, you then create a new username called transfers

When you login via FTP or sftp, the username then becomes hpt2b3ud/transfers

But your software does not allow a forward slash, so it rejects the username!

The solutions

There are some options available.

  1. Escape the forward slash - some services fail because they don't understand the forward slash, so you might need to escape it like so: hpt2b3ud\/transfers
  2. Use a backslash - We also accept a backslash as the delimiter, so use the username hpt2b3ud\transfers
  3. Lastly - You can create a username alias, which is available to premium accounts.  A username alias lets you specify a username without a forward slash or service ID in the name