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Your first FTP to Azure service

This article is specific to Azure Blob service, however, the steps are similar when using Azure Files.

To create your first Simple FTP Service, you will need to have the credentials to your blob storage. If you do not have a blob store in Azure yet this document will help you get set up.

First select Storage accounts in the Azure portal:


Then select add to create a new storage account:


Enter a new storage account name, in this case we called it doceventiostorage. This is the name that you will need later, so remember it.


Once your storage account is created and deployed, you can then create a new Blob storage container - this is where FTP files will be located. We called this container my-ftp-location:


Once the container is created you need to copy the Access Key to the container:


When the access keys are copied, you can now create a new FTP Service.

Head over to and login, then click the New SFS Configuration, and click Azure:


Enter your details that you created from your Azure account:


Once you verify access, you can enter the details for the service, including the first user account (don't worry you can add users later). You can also enter a home directory for this user.


Now your service is created, you will receive the login details:


Note that the username is prefixed by the Service ID that you created.

Now you are ready to ftp into your first service!