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Adding SSH authorized keys to a user for SFTP

On paid plans you are able to add authorized keys to users for password-less logins via sftp.

Generate a SSH key

There are many ways to create an SSH key pair. On the macOS, Linux, or UNIX operating systems, you can use the ssh-keygen command at the command line interface for that purpose. The following is an example of the ssh-keygen output for the command listed below.

ssh-keygen -P "" -f key_name

On Windows

Windows uses a slightly different SSH key pair format. The public key must be in the PUB format, and the private key must be in the PPK format. On Windows, you can use PuTTYgen to create an SSH key pair in the appropriate formats. You can also use PuTTYgen to convert a private key generated using ssh-keygen to a PPK file. If you present WinSCP with a private key file not in PPK format, that SFTP client will offer to convert the key into PPK format for you.

To view a tutorial on creating SSH keys using PuTTYgen on Windows, see the website.

Setting a SSH key for a user

  1. Login to your account
    Choose the Simple FTP Service that you wish to use password-less login with
  2. Click on the Users tab
  3. Find the user in the list, and select Configure authorized keys from the Actions dropdown
  4. Enter the ssh-rsa keys (1 per line, maximum of 10)
  5. You can now login using ssh password-less logins to your sftp service and the private key you generated earlier