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The Self-Hosted Simple FTP Server runs in hybrid mode to achieve high availability in your datacenter or VPC. This removes a requirement of a high availability store like etcd, multi-master database or a cluster of elasticsearch instances.

Configuration for your S3, Azure and GCP buckets are still stored encrypted in the DocEvent Cloud, and whenever changes are made in the cloud they are synced to your servers seamlessly.

The benefits of a cloud hybrid model is instant high availability without the worry about database outages, cloud or networking outages.

How many servers can I run in a cluster?

You can run as many instances as you have licenses. Each instance shares configuration for the other instances.

What happens if there is a connection issue?

Your DocEvent server still continues to run and support users even when there is a network outage between the DocEvent Cloud and your datacenter or VPC. Configuration is stored on your server and no requests are made to the Cloud when managing connections.

How are server logs managed?

Unlike a service in the DocEvent Cloud, your logs and transfer data is stored on your server and output into standard out in either simple text or JSON format.

These logs can be pushed into Cloudwatch or similar log parsing tool where information on logins, put, get and other FTP or SFTP requests can be aggregated and stored and retrieved.

What about file restore and reprocessing?

Because no logs are sent to the DocEvent cloud, the user interface does not support viewing of transfer history or file restore and reprocessing.

If you require this feature you can raise a feature request with our support team.